Engineered Veterinary Vectored Immunotherapy and Vaccines: EVVIVAX

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Vet-e PoratorTM

  • Vet-e PoratorTM is an Electroporation device dedicated to Veterinary Oncology for Electro-chemotherapy and Electro-Gene-Transfer appelications. Vet-e PoratorTM technology stems from IGEA Cliniporator, currently approved for ECT in humans.

  • EVVIVAX has optimized the procedure and electrical conditions.

  • As a unique competitive advantage, ECT (for local tumor control) and DNA-EGT (for systemic induction of immune response) can be combined.

Tech Vet ePorator

Evvivax News

  • 10-12 Apr 2017

    10-12 Apr 2017 - EVVIVAX at the World Veterinary Vaccine Conference, Washington DC, USA Join us at t...
  • 7 Apr 2017

    7 Apr 2017: EVVIVAX Visiting PennVet, Philadelphia, USA Dr Luigi Aurisicchio, CEO at EVVIVAX and Pre...
  • 10-12 Oct 2016

    Barcelona, 10-12 October 2016: EVVIVAX will be at the World Veterinary Vaccine Meeting
  • 6 Sep 2016

    London, 6 September 2016:EVVIVAX has participated at the meeting "Comparative Oncology: The Next Fro...