Engineered Veterinary Vectored Immunotherapy and Vaccines: EVVIVAX

2-3 July 2019 – Evvivax presents data at the University of Copenaghen

 University Hospital for Companion Animals

Our CEO/CSO Luigi Aurisicchio flew to Copenaghen to present promising results about electrochemotherapy at the University Hospital for Companion Animals.

Electrochemotherapy (ECT) is an approved and efficacious treatment for local control of cutaneous and subcutaneous tumor nodules, although less effective against distant or inaccessible metastasis.

In addition, preliminary evidences suggest that ECT can activate the immune system. We therefore investigated the synergic effect of ECT and DNA Electro-Gene Transfer (DNA-EGT) in both mice and dogs by means of a clinically validated device for Veterinary electroporation called Vet-ePorator. In particular, we explored the combination of our vaccine Erb-eVax and ECT in dogs with metastatic breast cancer or osteosarcoma, with excellent results in terms of both tumor control and immune response against Tumor Associated antigens.

Our findings provide new data on tumor immunobiology and most importantly improve the efficacy of ECT and may open up novel immunotherapeutic approaches.

We are pleased to share these data that summarize the best of our technology and make a significant impact on patients’ survival and quality of life.


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